January 24, 1956 Cousy meets with NBA president Podoloff

NBA President Maurice Podoloff agreed to meet with representatives of the players to discuss player demands. Celtics star Bob Cousy the head of the players representatives outlined a list of the players demands.

#1-The setting up of an arbitration board to hear grievances composed of sportswriters from New York and Boston as well as player representatives
#2-Removal of the automatic $15 fine for arguing with an official
#3-Setting a limit of 20 exhibition games and paying players for any exhibitions over that number
#4-Setting a fee for personal appearances other than tv or radio
#5-Moving expense for when a player is traded
#6-Salary payment in 10 installments instead of 12

Maurice Podoloff agreed to the meeting and wanted to know the identity of the player representatives, the process by which they were elected, and if all eight teams were represented by the player reps.

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The Kid said...

It sure is easy to tell how far the players have come since 1955.