Tonight's The Night

As I write this we're just a few hours away from the 2008-09 NBA season tipping off and the Celtics are entering the year as defending champions. The Celtics ran through the NBA last year finishing off 66-16 in the regular season and then off course winning championship #17.

The team enters this year aware of the fact that winning the championship this year greatly enhances their legacy. If Kevin Garnett and Paul Pierce can win this championship their all-time ranking would go much higher. There's a lot at stake for this team and they know it. No one wants to be known as one year wonders, and I don't think this Celtics team will become known as one year wonders. No Celtics team has repeated since the 1969 Celtics and this Celtics team is the team to do it.

The first obstacle in the way is the team that I think will be their toughest challengers, Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavs. The Cavs have been to the Finals before and they were the team that gave the Celtics their greatest test in the '08 playoffs. Prediction: Celtics 102 Cavs 99


February 21,1956- Walter Brown says Cousy better than Pettit

Originally printed by the UP on February 21,1956.

Boston Celtics owner Walter Brown says Bob Cousy will be remembered “as the greatest basketball player of his time.”

“Cousy is the symbol of professional basketball,” Brown said at a basketball writers luncheon here yesterday. “There are very few fans today that won’t agree.”

Brown said he disagreed with Ned Irish of New York who last week declared that Bob Pettit of St. Louis was a “better all-around player” than Cousy.

“Cousy is the greatest player today in my book,” Brown said.


February 19,1956 Celtics beat Warriors 120-118

Celtics defeat Warriors 120-118, game features brawl in 4th quarter.
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Celtics article from 1955

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1986 NBA Title Celebration

For 22 long years this was the last time the Boston Celtics celebrated winning an NBA Championship. In 2008 all became right in the basketball world again as the Celtics were once again kings of basketball, and in 2009 the Celtics are about to repeat as NBA Champions. But, this was a great scene in '86 as Bird, McHale, Auerbach and the Celtics celebrated the last championship they would win in their careers.