NBA Referees December 12,1955

NBA referees have always had a tough job and are some of the most criticized referees in any sport. It is that way now and it was that way also in December 1955.

On December 12, 1955 in the weekly meeting of the Metropolitan Basketball Writers Association the topic was referees and instead of the usual criticism there was praise bestowed on the NBA refs. Numerous coaches and writers were in attendance including Red Auerbach, Joe Lapchick, and John Kundla. Auerbach known for his criticisms of referees had a good word for the referees stating, "I've had no problem with them this season, their work has been good."

Lakers coach John Kundla stated he felt the refs had too much fining power, Kundla also said he didn't expect George Mikan to make a return to the court. Top referee Julie Meyer responded to the officiating situation and suggested the league move toward having 3 officials per game to ease the plight of the officials.


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