Basketball Fanhood 101

This is my 1st post on this blog and to introduce myself I'm a Celtic fan and I always like to see the Knicks do well except when they face the Celtics. I'm a big fan of the NBA and its history and I plan mainly on writing about past historical events and of course the current stuff.

In the beginning I didn't really watch basketball much as a little kid but basketball always intrigued me as a youngster. As a kid growing up in New York City in the late 80's and early 90's, everyone knew of the greats like Magic, Michael, and Bird. Larry Bird was the guy I was drawn to the most, first because here you have a white guy dominating a sport filled with blacks, and he wasn't flashy, wasn't fast, and didn't look like a basketball player and would still be the best player most of the time. In fact the older fans said there was a time Larry Bird was the best.

In 1993 after Michael Jordan first retired from basketball I became a hardcore basketball fan. I knew Larry Bird was retired but I still followed the Celtics because of hearing of all their tradition and the hometown Knicks who would finally have a chance to win a championship because Jordan retired or so went the reasoning in New York. There was no real catalyst from my change of being a passive follower to being a hardcore fan, but it was just something that happened. At that time I made a real effort to learn as much about basketball and basketball history as I could.

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